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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/24/2017

Where should the {{t}} template be placed?

So I was placing some links to the TARDIS wiki but I noticed that the "t" template is either placed at the top of the page or under the 'Extrenal links' section of the page. Which is correct?
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• 2/18/2017

Post Ancestor Cell - alternate timeline?

From the perspective of Doctor Who, the Faction Paradox series takes place in a scenario where the events of the Ancestor Cell never happened. So, just looking at the Doctor's page, for example, shouldn't the Ancestor Cell and stories that take place after be located under an "Alternate Timeline" heading? I was planning on adding some Evil Renegade information to the article and it's hard to see where to place it at the moment.
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• 1/22/2014


is anyone gonna edit this to make it an actual page?
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• 3/17/2013

BBV audio stories now on Audible.com

Given how hard it is to find the BBV Productions audio adventures, I was delighted to find most (if not all) of them just added to the catalog at Audible.com. Reasonable price, too.
Finally I can hear these things!
No sign of the Magic Bullet Productions, alas, but those I can still find on CD.
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This post is locked.
• 12/22/2012


After a few months of being closed, the Monobook skin has today been re-opened. Please bear in mind that the administrative staff largely do not use Monobook. If you are a Monobook diehard, therefore, we encourage you to use this thread to tell us what's going wrong in that skin. And if you're knowledgeable about Monobook CSS issues, then please be very specific about the problem — even (or maybe especially) to the point of giving us the names of particular CSS selectors are causing a problem.
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• 12/22/2012

New forum is live

We've switched over to the Wall Forum extension that Wikia put into general release earlier in the month. This new system of discussion is still in beta, effectively, but it does have a number of advantages over the old system. Chief amongst these is the ability to follow discussions here no matter where you are on the Wikia network.
We hope you'll enjoy using the feature — but do be patient with it as some of its bugs are squashed.
If you have any questions or concerns about this new feature, please leave them below.
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