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A Target for Tommy was a collection of Doctor Who-related short stories from Obverse Books released to raise money to support Tommy Donbavand when he was suffering from cancer. The anthology contained a story of interest to this wiki by Lawrence Burton in which the Sixth Doctor, Peri Brown, and Señor 105 became involved in the War.

Publisher's summary[]

As many in fandom will be aware, Scream Street creator, Beano writer, Doctor Who author and all round lovely guy, Tommy Donbavand, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently recovering from a series of painful and unpleasant treatments as he battles to kick this horrible, horrible disease into touch. If you follow Tommy's blog (http://www.tommyvcancer.com/) you'll know that one of the worst things he has to face, in addition to the physical and mental pain, is the inability to write and visit schools – a major part of the income he and his family rely on to live.

Obviously there are a lot of things we can all do to support Tommy – sign up to his Patreon, buy his books, or just let him know that we're thinking of him – but we thought it might be a more immediately helpful idea to put together a Doctor Who short story collection, with all the profits going to help Tommy in what really is his hour of need.

And, due to the kindness and commitment of a plethora of authors, that’s what we’ve done. A Target for Tommy seemed the perfect title for a book where anything Who-ish goes – any Doctor, any companion, any sort of story…

Tommy’s one of our own – and right at this moment he could do with a wee help…

All the best, Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs

Individual Stories[]

Title Author
Street of Scream Sharon Tregenza
Curse of the Bog Women Barry Hutchison
Miss Hawthorne and the Alpaca of Doom Paul Magrs
The Triplet Impertinence Andrew Jones
Sweetie Sarah Hadley
The Blurred Man Elton Townend Jones
The Time Wrestlers Lawrence Burton
The Channel Hoppers Daniel Blythe
The Bogeyman Andrew Hickey
Time War Cutaway Andrew Lawston
The Secret Keeper Nick Campbell
Doctor Who and the Vikings Kara Dennison
Eyebrows and Fish Matthew Bright
@allnewdoctorwho Nick Wallace
The Doctor and the Witch Rachel Redhead
What the Who? Philip Ardagh
The Palace Philip Marsh
The Other Three Doctors Iain McLaughlin
Deus Ex Food Machine Roy Gill
Leo Reflects Ian Potter
C♦O♦M♦P♦A♦N♦I♦O♦N♦S Simon A. Forward
Significant Others Blair Bidmead
Mapp, Lucia, and the Lords of Time Stuart Douglas
Director's Cut Una McCormack
The Ox Bow Train Simon Bucher-Jones
Rock'n'Roll Alien Stewart Sheargold
The Last Doctor Paul Cornell
Doctor Who and the Mytex Power Stephen Cole, aged 11

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