Doctor Who is a series of TV episodes, books, comics, audio stories, and movies, mostly published by the British Broadcasting Corporation. More info can be found on the series at the Doctor Who wikia.

In the 1990s, Doctor Who books were published in Virgin Publishing's New Adventures series and in BBC Books Doctor Who series, which introduced many important Faction Paradox concepts like the War, Faction Paradox, the Celestis, the Remote, Compassion, and Sabbath.

List of Doctor Who stories relevant to this wiki Edit

Title Author Featuring Published
Alien BodiesLawrence Miles Sam Jones 24 November 1997
The Scarlet EmpressPaul Magrs Sam Jones 7 September 1998
Unnatural HistoryKate Orman and Jonathan Blum Sam Jones, Fitz 7 June 1999
Interference (novel)Lawrence Miles Sam Jones, Fitz, Compassion, Sarah Jane Smith 2 August 1999
The Blue AngelPaul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad Fitz, Compassion6 September 1999
The Taking of Planet 5Simon Bucher-Jones and Mark Clapham Fitz, Compassion4 October 1999
Frontier WorldsPeter Anghelides Fitz, Compassion29 November 1999
Parallel 59Stephen Cole and Natalie Dallaire Fitz, Compassion4 January 2000
The Shadows of AvalonPaul Cornell Fitz, Compassion, Romana 7 February 2000
The Fall of YquatineNick Walters Fitz, Compassion6 March 2000
ColdheartTrevor Baxendale Fitz, Compassion3 April 2000
The Space AgeSteve Lyons Fitz, Compassion1 May 2000
The Banquo LegacyAndy Lane and Justin Richards Fitz, Compassion5 June 2000
The Ancestor CellPeter Anghelides and Stephen Cole Fitz, Compassion, Romana III 3 July 2000
The Adventuress of Henrietta StreetLawrence Miles Fitz, Anji Kapoor5 November 2001
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenPaul Magrs Fitz, Anji Kapoor 7 January 2002
The Gallifrey ChroniclesLance Parkin Fitz, Trix MacMillan 2 June 2005|}
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