House Military Strategist Entarodora was a member of House Arpexia.

Entarodora believed that the War would be ended by either the entire War's retroactive annulment, or a victory for one side so complete that it would become history. (PROSE: Entarodora)

In the thirtieth anniversary of the War's beginning, Entarodora gave an address — the "Monsters" Coda — to the Fifth Wave, which became a standard House Military text. According to her, the Houses deliberately mythologised their enemy as nameless "Monsters" because if they just named the enemy as a specific time-active faction or fallen House, they would ignore the enemy until it defeated them. (PROSE: The "Monsters" Coda)

Entarodora was involved in her House's Jungle Children project towards the end. (PROSE: Jungle Children)

She was a mentor to Robert Scarrat. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)