Faction Paradox Wiki

A panel from the first issue

Faction Paradox (2003) was an American comic book published by Image Comics in association with Mad Norwegian Press and Lawrence Miles. It lasted for two issues that were released in the back half of 2003.


Each issue had a central, 16-page comic, as well as a couple of shorter, illustrated text stories. The main comic story was an ongoing one, so the early cancellation of the title meant that the story was never finished. Nevertheless, the series is sometimes regarded as having two stories, given the fact that the installment in each issue had a unique title: Political Animals, Bêtes Noires & Dark Horses, and the never-released Creatures of Habit.

In addition to the text and comic stories, the series had a two-page letters page from the very first issue. This is a highly unusual aspect of the series, because most American comic books launching an entirely new franchise must wait a few months to accumulate enough fan mail to justify a letters page. To make up for this temporal issue, the one letter featured was written by Lawrence Miles to a future version of himself.


Principal artistic chores were split between penciller Jim Calafiore, inker Peter Palmiotti and colorist Paul Mounts. Different artists handled illustration chores on the text stories. Steve Johnson was fully in charge of the series' covers. The series was written by Miles and edited by Lars Pearson.


  • FP 1, cover-dated August 2003
  • FP 2, cover-dated October 2003
  • FP 3, never released