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The City of the Saved

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War-time factions

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Causalities of War

Faction Paradox is a spin-off of Doctor Who, originating in the novel Alien Bodies The main series is composed of books, comics, and audio dramas from several publishers — though the only one currently publishing is Obverse Books.

The series is generally set during the War between the Great Houses of the Time Lords and their enemy, with a particular focus on the eponymous Faction Paradox — a breakaway House dedicated to offending the proper Houses' sensibilities by calling each other "Cousin," talking about death, causing time paradoxes and enacting terribly unscientific rituals.

There is also a spin-off, focusing on the City of the Saved — a spiral galaxy-sized city located just after the end of the universe, in which every human, prehuman, half-human or posthuman is resurrected; a utopia without death or time travel.

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