The Ghetto of the Damned was a district in the City of the Saved.

It was composed of the human servants of the Celestis, apparently beyond the effects of their Marks of Indenture and re-resurrected after their recorporation in Mictlan. The obvious (and correct) implication — that Mictlan would someday fall, and its inhabitants die — was partially responsible for attracting the attention of Lord Foaming Sky to the City. The Ghetto's first leader, Gargil Krymtorpor, advocated direct action against the Celestis (or at least, their agents outside Mictlan). But Nathaniel Wain, its next leader, took it in a different direction. The Ghetto became more diplomatic and political, accepting all humans "royally shafted" by the War-time powers, like regen-inf soldiers and the Remote. (PROSE: Ghetto of the Damned)

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