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House Dvora

House Dvora was the first of the Great Houses to promote military intervention in the Spiral Politic. It became even more prominent during the War era, when it became one of the new six Ruling Houses. Known as the "House of Devouring Hounds," Dvora's members were known not for being voraciously animal, but for their ambition, pragmatism, and refusal to let go of any power they possessed. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Behind the scenes[]

Although the audio story Panacea later established that Romana was a member of the "House of Heartshaven", it is likely that House Dvora was so named to imply that Romanadvoratrelundar was one of its members. That said, in Intervention Earth, Omega recognizes that Romana is a member of Heartshaven based solely on her full name, so it is possible that "Heartshaven" is merely the English translation.