Liberating Earth is the third collection of Faction Paradox short stories from Obverse Books. The title was unique in that its contributors consisted solely of female writers.

Synopsis Edit

The human race had every opportunity. We blew it, darling

Take two Cousins from Faction Paradox.

Give them a world – the Earth, for example – and give them the power to change that world’s history as they see fit.

Then stand back and watch what happens…

Just what would happen if a couple of Cousins used our planet as their personal game board? As they create one alternative reality after another, twisting history and reality into knots, only one outcome is sure: whoever wins, the human race loses.

Individual Stories Edit

Title Author
Playing for TimeKate Orman
Dreamer in the DarkEH Timms
Annie's ArmsXanna Chown
The Mountains are Higher at HomeJuliet Kemp
Judy's WarRachel Redhead
Red Rover Red RoverQ
The Víkingr MystiqueDorothy Ail
Life of JuliaTansy Rayner Roberts
Project ThunderbirdKelly Hale

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