Mags L Halliday (born Liz Halliday, 1971) is an author who lives in a small eighteenth century cottage in Exeter. She writes under this name to distinguish her from the writer Liz Holliday, who has also contributed to Doctor Who-related fiction.

Her contributions to the Faction Paradox series including the novel Warring States (2005), and contributions to the Faction Paradox anthology/encyclopedia The Book of the War (2002) about a Russian Soviet splinter group from the Faction whose members include Anastasia Romanova and Rasputin. Warring States focuses on an English Faction agent and a young Chinese woman who come into conflict during the Boxer Rebellion.

Other published work includes the Doctor Who novel History 101 (2002), one of the more complex Doctor Who novels from the BBC. Influenced by G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday and George Orwell's 1984, it advances a sophisticated argument about the relationship between history and subjective perception - though some critics feel it is not entirely successful in dramatising its argument. The story is set during the Spanish Civil War and features Orwell, under his real name Eric Blair, as a supporting character. It also features the recurring anti-hero Sabbath.

She is also active in Doctor Who fandom, particularly in female-oriented "fangrrrl culture."[source needed]

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