Faction Paradox Wiki

In order to create a cohesive focus for this wiki and make best use of available resources, rules for valid sources have been made. However, these rules are subject to change if/when goals are reached and our scope broadens.


A story must be officially released[]

Per P:CITE, in-universe statements should cite what story they come from. This necessarily means that only stories may be cited. It also means that stories must have been officially released to be cited, as it is impossible to know for certain what a cancelled, future, or unfinished story says.

A story must be licensed ... with exceptions[]

Faction Paradox and its associated series are fundamentally "pirate" — they originate from concepts legally owned by the BBC. Thus, we are by definition not motivated to care about the BBC's copyright. In general, however, this wiki is not a place for stories which make unsanctioned use of other people's concepts — with the exception of concepts legally owned by the BBC.

A story must be ...[]

Unlike the Doctor Who Wiki, we don't hypothesise a "canon" or "Doctor Who universe", and we are constrained by a shortage of resources. Thus, the main question we ask before adding pages for stories is not "Is it canon?" but "Do we have the capability to maintain pages for it?" Currently, our main goal is adequate coverage of The City of the Saved and Faction Paradox book, comic, and audio series, and stories directly related to them.

If we do not have a page for a story, that does not mean citing it is disallowed as such — but it does mean it's worth thinking about whether the information from that source is truly relevant to the subject matter of the Faction Paradox and The City of the Saved series. Pages and stories which we do not have pages for (or do not have pages for yet) should usually be linked with {{TT}}.