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You may be looking for his real world counterpart.

Philip Purser-Hallard was the author of a series of books about the City of the Saved.


First life[]

As a larva, Purser-Hallard was fifteen microns long. He inhabited ponds and rivers, burrowing in sand and living on aquatic micro-organisms. As a juvenile, Phil passed through several stages of metamorphosis, or "instars," growing with each, until his eleventh instar sought out the strong currents which drew him down to the ocean. Now adapted for marine life, his twelfth instar took up residence in an ocean crevice, coaxing small (and later large) fish into his mouth using his bioluminescent "lure." His twelfth instar lived and grew indefinitely, occupying progressively larger trenches as his body-mass increased. At the appropriate time, according to a combination of ecological, oceanographic and astrological factors, he entered a state of dormancy which coincided with the metamorphosis into his final apocalyptic instar. Aeons later, Phil arose and ravaged the lands, consuming all life thereupon and reclaiming its biomass for the world’s ancestral seas, to which he returned to die. (PROSE: Burning with Optimism's Flames) At the time of his death, during the Slight Nanoconstructor Programming Difficulty of 2025, Purser-Hallard was employed as a civil servant. (PROSE: More Tales of the City)


After his resurrection in the City of the Saved, Purser-Hallard lived with a community of posthuman hermaphrodite godlings. He was often questioned on his 2004 novel Of the City of the Saved... (and its sequels and tie-ins, written for the Obverse MegaText Conglomerate when it was still a small publisher), which predicted the City perfectly in every detail. He explained it as a coincidence, a natural consequence of having an entire history of human authors speculating about the afterlife. (PROSE: More Tales of the City)

Behind the Scenes[]

In the real world, Philip Purser-Hallard created the City of the Saved.