Print the Legend was the ninth story in A Romance in Twelve Parts.

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  • Amerika is apparently a version of the United States of America, but one where social Darwinist bootstraps and the right by Gods and virtue of the White Man to rule are endemic and fetishised even more than in the original.
  • Whitey Blank (Wilhemina deBlanc) is from Louisiana, a cyborg veteran of the recent "War for Southern Independence" — an accepted term for the American Civil War.
  • Abraham Lincoln is called "the Tyrant."
  • The Eldritch Kid (Blank's "Shoggoth 'Kemo Sabe'") doesn't speak any language understandable to human ears, has a face made of eyes and squirming tentacles, and has a crustacean claw in place of a hand, yet Blank insists that the Kid is Homo sapiens.
  • The Gods of America dwell in Amerika-the-dream rather than Amerika-the-land.
  • The Carpenter is the foremost of the Gods.
  • John Gault's granddaughter is betrothed to Old Glory, or Lord Glory Suspended On The Mild Morning Air, who appears in god-forms of Johnny Appleseed, Columbia, and Mickey the Mouse.
  • Amerika was created through a compact of the Gods and Thomas Jefferson's witch lodge. It has no king but someone sits on an Eagle Throne. It begins to revert when John Gault is turned into a fiction.

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