Set or Sutekh was a member of the Osirian Court, an Egyptian god associated with the desert, strangers, and chaos.

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Sutekh was the Second Divine Shield, after his brother Osiris, defending the OsirianCourt with the power of Ra. (AUDIO: The Ship of a Billion Years)

After the Great Houses had largely disposed of Faction Paradox, they went after the Osirian Court — they'd never liked the Court much in the first place. Sutekh unleashed an army of mal'akh around the Mediterranean in the 15th century (a historical focal point) to distract the Houses' agents and force a peace. Under the agreement made, the Houses recognised the Court's independence, Sutekh called off the hordes, and a site in Pompeii where the Faction kept remembrance tanks, biodata codices, and race banks was designated his trophy room. While on Earth, Sutekh converted the Houses' agent, Merytra, into a mal'akh. He brought her back to the Court as a slave when he returned, forcing her to declare her love for him.

Sutekh thought that he, rather than Osiris, should lead the Ship of a Billion Years. (AUDIO: Coming to Dust) He and his followers divided Osiris into pieces and scattered them on Earth so that, although still conscious, Osiris would be out of action and the Court's seers would be unable to find him. Sutekh, with his retinue of Nephil Mal'akh, forcibly boarded the Ship and claimed that he deserved the throne. The Lady Nut refused him the position, telling him to return to being the Second Divine Shield.

Sutekh discovered from the mind of Cousin Eliza that Cousin Justine was planning to kill him. He attacked the Ship and made Third Divine Shield Upuat surrender, but Cousin Justine strengthened the Ship's defences and drove Sutekh out by binding some of Osiris's biomass (in the form of a child named Lucita Marne) to Ra.

Sutekh believed that although his attack had failed, it proved that the Ship was not untouchable and that the Court would have to accept him. (AUDIO: The Ship of a Billion Years) Lady Lolita approached Sutekh, offering him an alliance. Although she couldn't be seen to interfere in the Court, she also wanted to get rid of Faction Paradox. She told him that the Faction were in the Delta with Anubis, trying to resurrect Osiris, and how he could use it to gain the throne. When Sutekh told the Court of this "blasphemy," they were glad to give him power. He took the Ship into the Delta to destroy Anubis's research station, but Cousin Justine and the Great Houses ambassador Thoth crashed a timeship into the mountain on which the research station was situated. The Houses' War King arrived with the 59th Time Fleet, threatening to destroy Ra if his ambassador was killed, and the other members of the Court refused to let Sutekh attack. (AUDIO: Body Politic)

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