The Book of the War was an encyclopedia-style primer for the War, published 50 years into the conflict. Its authors and audience are never made explicit, but there are hints that it was written by brainwashed agents of the Great Houses for a human or posthuman audience.

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The enemy apparently retro-erased several entries for containing compromising information. These are

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It claimed that culturally-human artificial intelligences were not resurrected in the City, when actually, as part of the Universal Machine, they were. The book (or at least the reader's perception of it) was also rewritten by at least one conceptual entity: a Shift commandeered the narrative multiple times to explain its own life story, and the entry on "You" Diversions arguably housed an example of its subject. (PROSE: The Book of the War, Of the City of the Saved...)

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The Book of the War was the fictional book-within-a-book contained in the Faction Paradox novel of the same name.

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