The Gallifrey Chronicles was published on 2 June 2005. It was the final novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures line of books, which had started in 1997. It was written by Lance Parkin. It featured the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Trix MacMillan.

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The Doctor 's home planet of Gallifrey has been destroyed. The Time Lords are dead, their TARDISes annihilated. The man responsible has been tracked down and lured to Earth in the year 2005, where there will be no escape. But Earth has other problems — a mysterious signal is being received, a second moon appears in the sky, and a primordial alien menace waits to be unleashed...

The stage is set for the ultimate confrontation — for justice to be done. The Doctor and his companions Fitz and Trix will meet their destiny. And this time, the Doctor isn't going to be able to save everyone.


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  • The events of The Ancestor Cell are re-interpreted, making more sense than that original book.
  • The Doctor's final line in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series is; "Shall we?"
  • Marnal lists the Eighth Doctor's companions as Lorenzo, Delilah, Frank, Claudia, Deborah, Jemima-Katy, Miranda, Nina, Anji, and Beatrice. Jemima-Katy was the name of the applicant for the position of assistant to the Third Doctor when Jon Pertwee made a guest appearance on the BBC Radio 4 comedy series The Skivers.
  • A reference to the Harry Potter novels is made, indicating that the Doctor possesses a set of ten books.
  • The book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving how the Doctor stops the Vore and returns Gallifrey open ended. However, Gallifrey and the Time Lords are restored in a vision of the Doctor's future in The Tomorrow Windows.
  • The four surviving Time Lords are shown: “A man with a sallow face and small, pointed black beard, who wore a blue rosette; a young woman with long blonde hair in an extraordinary piece of haute couture; a tall man with a bent nose wearing a cravat and holding a pair of dice; the Doctor himself with close-cropped hair, sitting on an ornate throne, a new-born baby girl in his arms”. The author Lance Parkin stated in AHistory that they are intended but not explicitly stated to respectively be the Master; Iris Wildthyme or possibly Romana; the Minister of Chance; and the Doctor or the Emperor, father of Miranda.

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BBC Books has announced that a "print on demand" reprint edition of this novel will be made available as of 31st August 2011 as the imprint revisits adventures featuring the first eight Doctors.

This book is also available as an ebook from the Amazon Kindle store.

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