The Hussar was a renegade elemental from House Urquineath. He gambled away the assets of his House, including the 2nd Second, at Serendipity Keep; as a result, he was forced to undergo the elective semantectomy. His consociate Godmother Antigone was so embarrassed by his behaviour that she joined House Paradox; she helped create the Neam Treaty between the Faction and the Chance Coteries to stop him from returning.

With his gambling cut off, the Hussar forgot his past, bonded to the Kraken, and started attacking pirate ships on Earth. In the process, he rescued Anne Bonny from prison in Jamaica; together, they raided many ships, including The Black Delilah, before she was recruited by Cousin Chantelle and Father Christèmas.

Since Christèmas' plan depended on the Kraken, the Hussar tried to assert his own plan to steal the 2nd Second for himself, with Anne's help. However, Christèmas had already coordinated with the Kraken, who turned on the Hussar. Christèmas tortured and sacrificed the Hussar, burning out one of his eyes and sending one of his hearts to Antigone. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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